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Versiplug-R Drain System

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Meet the PD1600 Versiplug-R, a higher flowing, lighter weight Versiplug for the serious PWC enthusiast of Racing!

It works just like the Versiplug, so isn’t the Versiplug enough?
Inspired by and designed for racers
We take the input from racers and enthusiasts very seriously, so when they let us know they wanted a lighter, shorter Versiplug to bolt on in place of the flange, we designed the Versiplug-R based upon their requests.


  • The Versiplug-R installs in under 5 minutes, just unbolt your plug flange and put the Versiplug-R on with the supplied gasket and the factory screws
  • The short body Versiplug-R makes it less likely to get in the way on the starting line
  • Made from the same aircraft aluminum, water resistant plastic an stainless steel as the Versiplug

So do I need the Versiplug?

  • If you need the highest possible flow rate
  • If you need the lightest and smallest possible design
  • If you don't need to put the plug back in

Then the Versiplug-R is for you!

The Versplug-R uses the factory Kawasaki flange pattern, so if you don't have a Kawasaki, make sure the flange will fit and that you're OK putting some extra holes in your hull.

Versiplug-R is a universal part! You can mount it to the back of most PWCs that are not foamed or if the foam is removed. (since it uses the Kawasaki flange pattern). Use the supplied gasket as a template to drill drain and mounting holes in your hull.

Available In Black Only