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Skat Trak Impellers

Skat-Trak entered the personal watercraft industry with the finest, high performance Jet Ski impellers. Growing with the industry, Skat Trak has now set the standard for excellence with their complete line of personal watercraft impellers. Skat Trak products have been thoroughly tested before they are released. Each year when major manufactures unveil their latest watercraft designs, Skat-Trak has already worked with them, in many cases, developing the O.E.M. impeller that comes in stock on the watercraft to each manufacturer’s specifications. Although the goals of the manufacturer’s O.E.M. projects are different, working with each manufacturer on their projects gives Skat-Trak the inside track on the latest model specifications. From there, Skat Trak continues to perform their own research and development to produce products that get the most of each new watercraft. However, with Skat-Trak, your choices are not limited to just standard configurations. Each Skat Trak impeller order is custom made, and their manufacturing process allows them to configure impellers a wide variety of choices.

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    Skat Trak Impeller Boot


    Skat Trak Impeller Boot and O-Rings 1 - YAM SJ/FX - Rubber Boot - RIMPNOSEBOOT62 - KAW/SD/YAM/SWIRL - Rubber Boot - RIMPNOSEBOOT73 - YAM GPR XL-L -...

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