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Flame Arrestors & Power Filter Kits

More air means more horsepower, increased throttle response, acceleration and top speed. Aftermarket performance flame arrestors replace the restrictive factory airbox. They are extensively dyno and race tested to ensure maximum airflow and horsepower gains. New four stroke applications have been proven to add 3-5 horsepower with quick and easy installation.

Free flowing mesh element increases air flow providing overall performance gains. The ultra light design of these performance flame arrestors save weight and reduce fatigue and vibration to the intake system. All of this while still performing the basic function of your watercrafts original airbox, being able to stop a flame front in the event of a backfire.

Flame arrestors are available in the traditional clamp-on style which allows for rapid removal for carb adjustments whether you are in the shop or on the water. These filters are totally maintenance free and most allow you to bolt them on and hit the water. Although some watercraft may require a slight adjustment to the carburetors fuel circuits to allow for optimum performance. Atlantic Jet Sports carries a complete line of U.S. Coast Guard Approved performance flame arrestors from the worlds top manufactures such as Tau Ceti, Riva Racing, K&N Performance and the incredibly popular PROK brand.