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TBM Racing Ride Plate

TBM Racing Rideplates do everything a champion needs to win; they track flat and straight with an increase in speed without allowing the nose to rise too high. Kawasaki Ultra rideplate is entirely redesigned from their first generation Ultra rideplate with a new planning surface that eliminates the need for trim. This plate will make your ultra drive through the chop and corner like you are on rails in even the roughest water conditions. TBM used this same plate to win the 2009 Karu Jet Offshore World Championship on a stock Ultra 260X with nothing more than our ride plate, scoop grate, sponsons and steering. While the other riders had more horsepower TBM Racing had the power in the water rather than spending time airborne. This is hands down the best competition ride plate on the market whether you’re racing closed course or tackling the open ocean in offshore competition.

TBM Racing found a way to enhance the performance of their premier Kawasaki 800SX-R ride plate by utilizing the triangular windows that Mike Klippenstein made famous on his TBM Hydrospace plate. A subtle yet very noticeable improvement these 4 windows allow water to enter over the top of the plate when chopping the throttle creating added traction and grip in the turns. This is very noticeable when passing other riders or crossing another riders wake. It is also an improvement for the recreational rider that loves going out and carving turns all day.

When the 2008 Yamaha Superjet was released TBM Racing developed the ultimate ride plate for this exciting new ski. At first glance you may think they simply adapted the 800SX-R or Hydrospace ride plates to the new Yamaha, but that is far from the truth. TBM started from a clean sheet as the unique hull design coupled with the relocated pump made it challenging to find the best combination of speed, handling and straight line tracking. You will notice two features when glancing at this plate, the unique stepped tail and the four triangular holes in the middle of the plate. Both of these features coupled with a narrow tail and the TBM dual concave design make this plate a winner for any riding situation.