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Handlebars - Sit Down Watercraft

Atlantic Jet Sports carries a complete line of Riva Racing and Blowsion WaveRunner and Jet Ski handlebars.

RIVA PRO-BAR Sport & Runabout Handlebars are constructed from a proprietary aluminum alloy that offers maximum strength with reduced vibration. High tech finish and premium features make this the ultimate watercraft bar!

Hot Products Runabout High Grade Aluminum Handlebars are lightweight, super-strength, durable and excellent vibration dampening for freestyle and rough surf riders.

Blowsion Runabout WaveRunner Handlebars are manufactured from 6063-T832 aluminum. Through extensive testing Blowsion has developed its own line of Blowsion Kommand handlebars so that each model places the rider in the best possible position for both handling, performance and comfort.