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Honda Waverunner Jet Ski Traction Mat Kit

WSM Performance Honda Waverunner Jet Ski Traction Mat kits are available in black with a custom grooved pattern for superior traction and water drainage. All WSM Performance Traction Mat kits come standard with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (also known as PSA) at no extra charge. PSA will adhere to a variety of substrates when applied to most clean and dry surfaces with pressure. Pressure Sensitive adhesives do not require solvent, water, or heat to activate the adhesive. The bond is directly influenced by the amount of pressure that is used to apply the adhesive to the surface.

Atlantic Jet Sports carries the best-looking, best gripping ride mat kits on the market for your Yamaha Waverunner. With superior traction grooves, excellent durability, great price, and cool custom look these mat kits are a must-have!