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Solas Watercraft Impellers

SOLAS, the technology leader in the impeller design, creates many outstanding advantages built into its impellers. All SOLAS impellers are made of an ultra high strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel, and are cast in a one-piece mold without bending the edges of the blades to achieve the perfect pitch.


Dynafly Impeller
The Solas Dynafly impeller incorporates the newest impeller technology for maximum performance from high output Jetski and Waverunner jet pumps. The Solas Dynafly impeller features a larger hub design, polished, stainless steel radial edge design that hooks up and produces excellent bottom end, mid range power and better top speed than comparable radial edge designs. Produced for the high output pumps used on the Yamaha GP1300R, FX HO, SHO, SHO FZR / FZS, Kawasaki 800 SX-R, 1200 STX-R, ULTRA 150 and Sea Doo XP / XP DI 951 watercraft. It is designed around creating maximum pump efficiency resulting in excellent bottom end efficiency, rough water hook up and top end gain.

Concord Impeller

In 1998, Solas introduced the new Concord series of impellers featuring a new radial leading edge design, with the Solas innovative blade technology. The Concord design produces explosive bottom end acceleration, great rough-water hook up, and more top speed in most applications compared with other similar designs. The Concord design is very popular in closed-course racing, for anyone that rides in rougher conditions, and with skis that cavitate upon initial acceleration.

X-Series Impeller
This model includes the X, XO, XI, XII series. It is designed with the “Best of Both Worlds” frame of mind. In most applications it is suggested you will gain low end acceleration, a powerful midrange, and an impressive top end speed. The X-Prop is very popular in competition and with recreational riders alike. The blades are placed around a pear shaped hub which directs the water efficiently and therefore faster. A more aggressive impeller design, the blades are straight cut which provides a better brake through the water.

Super Camber S-I-J-K-H
The Super Camber S-I-J-K-H series is a more streamlined design than the A-B-C series, in reference to the hub and rubber seal. This design is very effective at reducing cavitation in more of the mid-level craft available. In most applications it is suggested for, this style impeller provides excellent top speed while retaining plenty of acceleration performance.

Super Camber A-B-C-D-E
The Super Camber A-B-C-D-E series is Solas original design Impeller mainly used on entry-level watercraft. The Super Camber Blade design, with a progressive pitch from the leading edge to the trailing edge, catches the fluid characteristics and increases the thrust of the impeller. This is a great all-around performance impeller for the suggested applications.