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Hood Seal

Replace old and decayed OEM hood seal gaskets with a new foam or rubber gasket for a watertight seal. 
  • $65.00

    Watcon Hood Seal - Kawasaki X2


    Watcon Hood Seal for 1st generation Kawasaki X2. Single lip OE quality Material. * Note: Generic image and may not depict your actual item.

  • $21.25

    Hood Seal Gasket 26mm (1")


    26mm (1") Hood Seal Gasket. Made from our 1" thick Plush. Size is 1" wide x 103" long. Fits Kawasaki JS300/4040/550. Note: Does not include 3M self...

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  • $40.00

    Watcon Hood Seal - Octane, Blaster, All SJ, FX-1,SXR, Gen2 X2


    The self adhesive seal is much thicker and wider, which keeps the hood intact during the wide-open surf rides and big wave action. Comes complete w...

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  • $182.99

    OEM Hood Seal - Yamaha Super Jet 96+

    Yamaha Genuine

    OEM hood seal Fits: Yamaha Super Jet 96+. NOTE: GM6-62664-01-00 replaces GM6-62664-00-00.

  • $27.65

    Hood Seal Gasket 13mm (1/2") with 3M Adhesive


    13mm Hood Seal Gasket with 3M peel & stick self-adhesive. Made from our 1/2" thick Plush. Size is 1" wide x 103" long. Fits most PWC. NOTE: The...

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