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TBM Racing Kawasaki Ultra Tunable Super Scoop

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TBM Racing is proud to introduce the fully tunable scoop grate for the Kawasaki Ultra.   Our research and development team came up with this unique concept of having a fully tunable scoop grate to give the rider an infinite amount of handling options.   If the water is flat you can raise the center foil to the highest position and gain .5mph, or remove the foil completely and have the same speed as the stock grate.   The deeper center bars and removable rear inlet chip vastly improves handling and hook up.   The center foil has three positions or can be removed entirely.   The rear inlet chip can be removed or used with or without the center foil.   Whether you're a closed course or offshore racer, or just a weekend warrior our Super Scoop will enhance the hook up and handling of the already impressive Ultra.

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