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TBM Racing Kawasaki Pro 750SX/800SXR Super Pump Cone

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The TBM Racing Pro Super Pump Cone transforms the inefficient OEM Kawasaki 750 or 800 jet pump into a high performance race pump! By increasing the hub diameter of the OEM Kawasaki Jet Pump, pump pressure is increased keeping the pump "loaded" in rough water conditions. By choosing one of the supplied three different length tail cone tips a rider is able to now "tune" the pump for a particular set up or water condition. The tail cone tips can easily be changed by simply removing one M6 bolt and replacing the tip with a different length to optimize the impeller and nozzle combination. The short cone works well for Freestyle, Freeride and tight Closed Courses, while the medium and long tail cone works excellent for rough water hook up and amazing top speed. The increased efficiency adds amazing acceleration, improved handling and top speed. This is an outstanding alternative to purchasing an expensive aftermarket pump and we have seen amazing results in a Limited class application. 

Fits 1992 - 2011 Kawasaki 750/800 stand ups.

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