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Kawasaki Quick Disconnect Flush Kit - Ultra LX / 300 / 310

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Kawasaki Quick Disconnect Flush Kit -  Ultra LX / 300 / 310.

Quick disconnect design makes it easier than ever to flush out your machine, no more water mess in your hull from screwing and un-screwing the garden hose inside the machine. This quick disconnect flush kit comes with a valve that only allows water flow through it when connect to the ski. Whether you ride in fresh or salt water flushing your cooling system is a must to keep your cooling system from getting clogged. Flush kits are manufactured of high quality brass and stainless components.

WARNING: Using flush kit while watercraft motor is not running will result in damage to the motor. See watercraft manufactures service manual for proper flushing procedure. 

Fits The Following Models:
2007 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2008 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2009 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2010 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2011 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Flush Kit
2011 Kawasaki Ultra 300X Flush Kit
2011 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2012 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Flush Kit
2012 Kawasaki Ultra 300X Flush Kit
2012 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2013 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX Flush Kit
2013 Kawasaki Ultra 300X Flush Kit
2013 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX Flush Kit
2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310R Flush Kit
2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310X Flush Kit
2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310X SE Flush Kit
2014 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2015 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX Flush Kit
2015 Kawasaki Ultra 310R Flush Kit
2015 Kawasaki Ultra 310X Flush Kit
2015 Kawasaki Ultra 310X SE Flush Kit
2015 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2016 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX Flush Kit
2016 Kawasaki Ultra 310R Flush Kit
2016 Kawasaki Ultra 310X Flush Kit
2016 Kawasaki Ultra 310X SE Flush Kit
2016 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2017 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX Flush Kit
2017 Kawasaki Ultra 310R Flush Kit
2017 Kawasaki Ultra 310X Flush Kit
2017 Kawasaki Ultra 310X SE Flush Kit
2017 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit
2018 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX Flush Kit
2018 Kawasaki Ultra 310R Flush Kit
2018 Kawasaki Ultra 310X Flush Kit
2018 Kawasaki Ultra 310X SE Flush Kit
2018 Kawasaki Ultra LX Flush Kit