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ADA Racing Yamaha 760 Cylinder Head Kit

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The ADA Racing Billet Heads for the Yamaha 760 are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and CNC machined for consistency and performance. This head uses the stock head bolts and is clear anodized for protection against corrosion and feature dual water outlets for additional cooling. Head shell includes o-rings that fit into the grooves in the head shell and brass fittings. Head shells are available in standard or girdled version for those running higher compression and looking for extra insurance. The girdled version requires the girdled hardware kit sold separately. Multiple dome configurations are available to tailor to your specific engine needs. Two domes are included with this kit, additional and replacement domes are available separately. 

NOTE: ADA Racing optional pipe bracket available for exhaust systems that mounts to the head like the stock 3-bolt exhaust. 

Billet dome has .015” squish relief @ 86mm with a 10.5˚ angle.

YA7642L - 42cc 150lbs/89 Octane
YA7640L - 40cc 165lbs/91 Octane
YA7638L - 38cc 180lbs/98 Octane
YA7637L - 37cc 187lbs/100 Octane
YA7636L - 36cc 193lbs/105 Octane
YA7635L - 35cc 200lbs/105 Octane
YA7633L - 33cc 215lbs/110 Octane
YA7631L - 31cc 230lbs/115 Octane
YA7629L - 29cc 245lbs/116 Octane