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Hydro Turf Jet Ski WaveRunner Traction Mat Kit Installation

Please read through instructions before starting.

Mats with Self-Adhesive Installation

1. Prior to removing the paper backing, position all mat pieces. This will help insure proper location and fit. Tracing along the outside edge in pencil will help give you a guide to make sure you are installing the mat kit in the proper position.

2. Remove the old mats (if applicable) and clean the area where the new mats will go. Make sure the surface is free of dirt and oil. A solvent such as acetone or alcohol works well. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area.

3. If your mat has a die cut logo in it, the logo should be left in the mat to ensure proper fit. Taping the top side of the logo will help hold it in place during installation.

4. You are now ready to glue down your new Hydro-Turf mats. Double check to make sure area is dry and free of dirt, oil or old glue. Work with one piece at a time. Using two people for the larger pieces will make installation easier. Peel off paper backing and gently position mat in place.

5. Once the mat is correctly positioned, apply firm pressure. Work from the center to the outer edges. This is a pressure sensitive adhesive, so put as much weight into as you can. Use a small rolling pin or similar round object to go over the surface of the mat paying attention to the edges of the kit to ensure a good bond.

6. After 24 hours the mat kit is 85% cure and can be used. Self-Adhesive cures 100% after 48 hrs.

Contact Cement Mat Installation

1. Purchase a good water-resistant contact cement, we recommend, Dap Weldwood “Red Label” which we sell and can also be found at many hardware stores. You will need about 16 oz for a full mat set. Do Not work in direct sunlight.

2. For removal of riveted mats: Drill the rivet head off, pushing balance of rivets through hull. DO NOT use silicone to fill holes, the contact cement will not bond to it. You can use a 2 part non-sag epoxy to fill holes, or they will be sealed once mat is glued in place.

3. For removal of glued mats: Try pulling the old mats up slowly while using a putty knife to help work up the mat. You do not have to get 100% of the old mat off. Just make sure the surface is relatively flat and is free of any loose material.

Should you want to completely remove the old mats and glue, you can use acetone or adhesive remover. Apply to surface and allow a few minutes to soften glue before wiping up with a clean rag.

4. Once the existing mats are off, prepare surface by lightly sanding. You want a rough surface as the glue will not bond well to a shiny, smooth surface. Wipe off any sanding dust.

5. Once the surface is clean, you are ready to glue down your new Hydro-Turf mats. Work with one piece at a time. Apply a thin layer of contact cement to both surfaces (fiberglass & flat side of mat). Allow contact cement 10-15 minutes to set up (will no longer be shiny) before putting two surfaces together.

6. Press mats firmly, working your way from the center of the mat and then concentrating on edges.

7. For best results, allow glue to set up for 12 hours before using.

Care Tips:

1. Do not place your mats in the sun prior to installation, they will shrink and will become unusable.

2. Always store your craft in a shaded area or use a PWC cover when not in use

3. Should your Hydro-Turf get dirty it can be cleaned using any soap or cleanser and a brush. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, as any leftover residue can make a slippery surface.