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Worx Racing Yamaha FZR/FZS '14+ Intake Grate - WR245

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The Yamaha FZR/FZS SVHO is the ultimate fun machine and it is with great excitement Worx Racing Components bring to you their WR245 Intake Grate designed specifically for this new model. This intake grate is a must have for both recreational riders and racers wanting to get the very best from their new FZR or FZS.

Designed for the ultimate hook-up and handling, this intake grate combats cavitation in choppy to rough water conditions, maximizes acceleration and even adds top end speed. Stability and cornering ability are also improved, this is a huge benefit when towing water skiers or other water toys.

Fits The Following Models:

  • 2014 Yamaha FZR Intake Grate
  • 2014 Yamaha FZS Intake Grate
  • 2015 Yamaha FZR Intake Grate
  • 2015 Yamaha FZS Intake Grate
  • 2016 Yamaha FZR Intake Grate
  • 2016 Yamaha FZS Intake Grate