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Works Alpha-1 Riding Boot

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The Works H20 Designs Alpha-1 Boot is a durable, great performing, all around wet-purpose boot.

Fluid Fit - The Alpha-1 takes all the best features from wake-boarding, motocross, and athletic running shoes and rolled them all into one. A quicksinch lacing system, as well as adjustable ankle strap, provide security and comfort when putting on the boot. Once the Moto session is over, the Alpha-1 is easy to slip off your foot by a simple pull and release feature.

Remora Sole - When in the heat of battle, or dicing with friends at your favorite riding spot, "Slippery when wet" is not an option. To combat this the Alpha-1 has a proprietary "Romora Sole" with a special Durometer rubber material to give increased coefficient of friction, and to allow the boot to stick. The bottom also has drain holes to provide a fast exit of any pooling water, and has a construction that is pressure-bonded and stitched. To reduce delamintation, or separation that is so common in other boots.

Ankle Plate - The Alpha-1 is not only designed to improve comfort and performance, it also incorporates a customizable set of ankle plates. It comes with an extra set of ankle plates you can get wrapped with your race number, a custom logo, or whatever artwork options you would like.