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Water Rescue LifeSled

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The LS1 LifeSled rescue board is used with PWC (personal watercraft) in extreme conditions including ocean storm, surf rescue, tow-in surfing, rip currents, floodwaters, rivers, swift waters, ice rescues, and other critical, life-threatening situations. LifeSled PWC rescue sled is an extremely effective means of extrication.

LS1 Water Rescue Board Features:

Each ocean rescue board benefits from over 28 years of research and development by life-saving professionals, big wave surfers, and the finest watermen on the planet. Built to outlast any other PWC rescue sled on the market, each solid-core lifeguard rescue board is equipped with a proprietary aluminum stringer system designed to carry in excess of 450 lbs more than the fulcrum of the PWC’s transom. For best performance, it's recommended using one of the LifeSled transom adaptors to attach your LifeSled rescue board to your PWC.


Optimized Template:
The protected bullet-nose design allows for a 45˚ pivot off a PWC transom, keeping it highly maneuverable. The 70/30 rails allow stable tracking even while a driver breaks loose for quick turns. The rescue board’s length is optimized for comfort yet does not impede maneuverability. The swallow tail design facilitates the centering of a body even when an incapacitated victim needs to be pulled aboard.

Deck Materials:
Fine cell hypoallergenic cross-linked polyethylene are used on each of solid-core LifeSleds. This comfortable, abrasion-resistant material actually gets tackier when wet, offering greater overall grip. A highly visible, colorfast, and weatherable yellow that is stable in high ultraviolet settings. The deck’s excellent resistance to chemicals allows it to be sterilized by bleach, soap, and alcohol.

3-Point Hookup:
Attachment of the LifeSled to most any personal watercraft takes less than 3 minutes. Used with the LifeSled Dyneema 9,000-pound test tow loop and lateral bungee stabilizers composed of 2 x ½” double-sheathed, marine-grade shock cords, your PWC rescue sled has the ultimate strength, stability, and flex available. The stabilizers allow for 45˚ pivots for enhanced maneuverability in critical situations. The large displacement of the load area minimizes stress on tow components, extending their life while maximizing the sled’s strength-to-weight ratio.

Replaceable Handles:
The handles are internally and externally fiber-reinforced and have a 750+ pound break strength. The LS1 has ten 9.5″ handles and the LS2 is fitted with twelve 9.5″ handles. These tacky-when-wet handles allow a victim to be carried like a backboard. Flexible enough to allow a victim to be hoisted over yet still firm enough to fence them in. These handles were designed to be ultraviolet and weather resistant without extraneous shrouds or screws.

Molded Nose Guard:
This extremely impact-resistant nose guard is custom molded from UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) and will not warp under the heat of intense sunlight. Each nose guard is designed with extreme compressive strength in mind and abrasion resistance for long wear.

Hull Materials:
Each solid core water rescue sled is equipped with a protective hull made from a proprietary weatherable copolymer that will not warp under the intense heat from the sun. The hull is high impact and abrasion resistant and will retain its hardness and gloss for several years of marine use. LifeSleds proprietary copolymer has extreme compressive strength for resistance to folding and creasing. Hulls are dyed in the highly visible “Coast Guard Orange” and are UV-stable, colorfast, and easily mended.

Dimensions: 63 × 37 × 8 in
Shipping Weight 50lbs - 64” x 37” x 8” box.

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