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Twin Air Pre-Oiled Husqvarna Dirt Bike Air Filters

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Each Twin Air filter is pre-oiled with Twin Air biodegradable foam filter oil, developed exclusively for Twin Air by Chevron Texaco. Independently tested by the most prestigious engineering lab in Germany and was found to be the superior filter oil on the market.

The process begins with a brand new Twin Air dual-stage foam filter, using the same foam (polyester), glue, and hand-crafted care that has defined the Twin Air standard. Using our new state-of-the-art filter oiling machine, each filter is completely submerged in Twin Air Bio-Oil and massaged to perfection to ensure that all pores are evenly coated. The filter is then placed in a temperature-controlled room to allow the oil to fully cure on the filter. The complete process provides maximum protection and maximum airflow You just open the resealable bag and install it!

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