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TBM Racing Yamaha 701 Billet Head Kit

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$369.95 - $518.95
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Dating back to 1994 when Yamaha introduced the WaveRaider this powder plant has proven its performance and reliability and is still the #1 choice among the free ride crowd.  TBM Racing set out to design the ultimate billet head kit that is durable, priced competitively and out performs everything ever produced for this engine.  TBM Racing Yamaha 701 Billet Head Kit will increase cooling volume and heat dissipation and has 4 dome configurations available for standard up to 85.5mm pistons which are sealed by o-rings eliminating the need for a head gasket.  The TBM design incorporates their unique dome support design that has proven itself in our Kawasaki head kits which prevents cracking or leaking issues.  In addition an anti rotation spud prevents the dome from rotating in the head shell.  All necessary hardware and installation instructions are included in our kit.  A cylinder girdle kit is available separately for those running high compression or looking for extra insurance to withstand the most severe conditions.

TBM Racing Yamaha Billet Head Domes are manufactured from 7075 aluminum alloy which is much stronger than standard 6061 series alloy.  With a unique combustion chamber design that positions the spark plug closer to the piston enhancing the efficiency of combustion thus increasing power.  Domes are available in 31cc for standard bore to second over and must run on 100+ octane fuel.  The 35cc standard bore dome would be the choice for pump fuel.  If running an 85+mm bore the domes are available in 35cc and 39cc respectively.

TBM Racing Yamaha Billet Head Cylinder Girdle Kit is a simple yet highly effective way to prevent cracking of the cylinder mounting flange when raising compression, or installing aftermarket pipes or just riding in extreme conditions. Designed to fit the TBM Racing Yamaha 701 Billet Head the Cylinder Girdle Kit will offer that insurance you’re looking for to protect your investment and look trick in the process. Kit includes billet girdle plate, custom studs, socket head cap bolts and installation instructions.

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