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TBM Racing Kawasaki Bearing Housing Support - 650, 750, 800, 900, 1100 ALL

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The TBM Racing Kawasaki Driveline Bearing Housing Support is an absolute must have for any high horsepower Kawasaki Jet Ski. Our driveline bearing housing support is 50% lighter and 30% less money than our competitors and much higher quality. We use these supports on every high performance competition and recreational Kawasaki stand-up and runabout we build to ensure the bearing housing doesn’t self destruct from the increased stress and rpm of a modified craft. We first learned of the seriousness of this support when we broke our bearing carrier in the 2006 Mark Hahn race on our SX-R 800 and our ski filled up with water and sank. Imagine if you’re in the open ocean and this occurs! Used on our winning TBM Offshore Ultra 260X in the most difficult, longest and strategic race on earth, the 2009 KaruJet Offshore World Championships. Fit’s JS650, 550SX, 750 and 800 stand-ups and every year and model Kawasaki runabout.

* NOTE: This is a support to the bearing housing. Not the bearing housing itself.This item is not included in our "Free Shipping" offer.