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Suzuki RM250 Garage Buddy Engine Rebuild Kit

Original price $603.29 - Original price $603.29
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$603.29 - $603.29
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The Suzuki RM250 Wiseco Garage Buddy Kits are exactly as the name implies, the buddy you want to have in your garage that has everything ready to go for your engine rebuild. Garage Buddy engine rebuild kits come with all parts needed to rebuild the bottom and top end, plus an hour meter to track critical maintenance intervals.

The kits include:

  • Crankshaft assembly
  • OEM quality main bearings
  • All engine gaskets, seals, and O-rings
  • Wiseco standard series forged piston kit (piston, ring(s), pin, clips)
  • Small end bearing (for two-strokes)
  • Cam chain (for four-strokes)
  • Hour meter with mounting bracket

NOTE: Generic image and may not depict actual kit.