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Solas PA-SC Series Impeller

by Solas
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Super Camber S-I-J-K-H - The Last Word of Impeller Evolution

The patented Super Camber S-I-J-K-H series with the rubber seal are even more streamlined. This reduces drag for the impeller while increasing volumetric flow of the pump at the same time, making the SOLAS Super Camber series arguably the best in the PWC market.

X-prop - High Speed & Ultimate Performance

The SOLAS X prop qives you the most powerful propulsion in the water from an advanced design that incorporates a high compression hub and cambered blades. Enthusiasts looking for speed and acceleration from the novice to the professional, will be satisfied using this impeller. You can trust the harsh field testing of he X prop by Team SOLAS.

15/19.5 PA-SC-I
14/23 PA-SC-S
14/21 PA-SC-X
15/23 PA-SC-X0

Generic image and may not depict actual impeller.