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Rule Bilge Pump 500 GPH - Manual

Original price $50.99 - Original price $50.99
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500 GPH manual bilge pump removes water from the engine compartment. Runs continuously when switched on. Compact design allows it to fit in tight spaces. Easy installation. Equipped with gasoline-resistant strainer base and 30" wire leads. NON-AUTOMATIC.

The New Bilge Pump Design Include:

  • Rule pumps are tested to the highest standard, achieving r ated performance at 12V vs 13.6V
  • Higher Flow – optimized impeller to provide greater flow at the same amperage
  • Built-in Thermal Cut-Off (TCO) – provides added protection for pump and vessel
  • Back Flow Prevention - reduces the amount of water leftover in the bilge, reducing odor and helping keep your bilge cleaner
  • Hidden Air Vents in the Body – helps prevent air locking in challenging plumbing installations and helps with the check valve
  • Threaded Discharge - easier installation, easier maintenance

Height: 3.9" (99mm)

NOTE WHEN USING WITH BILGE PUMP BRACKET: The Rule 25DA bilge pump has a slightly different strainer base than the previously available (and now-discontinued) Rule 25D bilge pump and may not fit all bilge pump brackets. The Blowsion and R&D Racing Bilge Pump Brackets will fit both the original 25D Rule Bilge Pump and the 25DA Rule Bilge Pump.

NOTE: We suggest using an on/off switch with this bilge pump so that it can be shut off when the watercraft is not in use.