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Polaris Matryx Chassis PowerMadd Cobra Windshields

Original price $155.00 - Original price $215.00
Original price
$155.00 - $215.00
Current price $155.00

The Powermadd Cobra Windshield fits '20-'23 Matryx Chassis Snowmobiles. Designed and engineered to give performance above the OEM Windshield while still allowing the rider to use handguards. This Windshield is a "pull-off" style like the stock windshield. You will remove your existing windshield and lower windshield mounting brackets (pull it off) from the snowmobile. Remove the stock windshield from the windshield retainer bracket by removing the spider nuts. Then, secure the Cobra shield to the retainer bracket by installing the provided spider nuts. Finally, re-install the shield onto the snowmobile in the stock location. See instructions for details.

Note: The rider in the photos is 5'9" and the sled has a 4" riser.

Works with Handguards.

Note: Push Nuts Included

REQUIRES OEM lower windshield mounting brackets. Polaris part number 5457530, 5457531, 5457532, 5457533 bracket. (2) 5433833 grommets.

Fits '20-'23 Matryx Chassis Snowmobiles.