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Kawasaki 750 22mm Pin - WSM Original Series Piston Kit

Original price $282.32 - Original price $282.32
Original price
$282.32 - $282.32
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Fits: Kawasaki 750SS, SSXi '96-97, 750STS, ZXi '95-97, 750STX '98, 750SXi '95-96, 750SXi Pro '98-02, 750Xi-Sport '98-99, 750ZXi '95-97.

Original Series.

2-Stroke Motor.

Big Pin / 22mm Wrist Pin

Standard Size Bore: 80mm

Piston to Cylinder Wall Clearance: .004~.0045

Complete Top End Piston Kits include; All pistons, rings, wrist pins, circlips, top end gasket kit and top end bearings.

Kawasaki 750 22mm Pin - WSM Original Series Piston Kit

Fits The Following Models:

2002 Kawasaki JS750 750SXI Piston Kit
1999 Kawasaki JH750 XI SPORT Piston Kit
1998 Kawasaki JH750 XI SPORT Piston Kit
1998 Kawasaki JT750 750STX Piston Kit
1997 Kawasaki JT750 STS Piston Kit
1997 Kawasaki JH750 SUPER SPORT XI Piston Kit
1997 Kawasaki JH750 SS Piston Kit
1997 Kawasaki JH750 750ZXI Piston Kit
1996 Kawasaki JH750 SS Piston Kit
1996 Kawasaki JH750 750ZXI Piston Kit
1996 Kawasaki JT750 STS Piston Kit
1996 Kawasaki JS750 750SXI Piston Kit
1996 Kawasaki JH750 SUPER SPORT XI Piston Kit
1995 Kawasaki JH750 750ZXI Piston Kit
1995 Kawasaki JT750 STS Piston Kit
1995 Kawasaki JS750 750SXI Piston Kit

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