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ADA Racing Kawasaki 800 Cylinder Head Kit

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The ADA Racing Billet Heads for the Kawasaki 750/800 Jet Ski's are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and CNC machined for consistency and performance. This head uses the stock head bolts and is clear anodized for protection against corrosion and features dual water outlets for additional cooling. Headshell includes o-rings that fit into the grooves in the headshell and brass fittings. Head shells are available in standard or girdled versions for those running higher compression and looking for extra insurance. The girdled version requires the girdled hardware kit sold separately. Multiple dome configurations are available to tailor to your specific engine needs. Two domes are included with this kit, additional and replacement domes are available separately. This head will work with Factory Pipe’s 800 dry pipe. 

NOTE: ADA Throttle/Choke Cable Bracket is sold separately and required when using stock carburetors with ADA Billet Girdle Head. This bracket has the throttle cable mount moved up, so it does not interfere with the girdle bracket.

NOTE: We have seen situations where certain Kawasaki 800 SXR cylinders do not produce the expected compression with the ADA Racing Domes, usually producing lower numbers.  We do not know why this has happened and unfortunately can not tell until the aftermarket head and domes have been installed and compression tested but in all cases, this has been due to the cylinder itself and not the ADA domes. 

Billet dome has .005” squish relief at 82.5mm (fits up to 83mm piston) with a 4˚ angle.

KA8032 - 800SXR Dome 32cc (180 lbs.- 91 Octane)
KA8030 - 800SXR Dome 30cc (190 lbs.- 95 Octane)
KA8028 - 800SXR Dome 28cc (200 lbs.- 98 Octane)
KA8026 - 800SXR Dome 26cc (208 lbs.- 105 Octane)
KA8024 - 800SXR Dome 24cc (216 lbs.- 110 Octane)
KA8022 - 800SXR Dome 22cc (225 lbs.- 114 Octane)


Billet limited drop dome for the Kawasaki 800 SX-R. These domes have a .050” drop at 82mm for use in Limited engines with a .060” base gasket.

KA8229D50 - 800SXR LTD Dome 29cc .50” Drop @ 82mm
KA8228D50 - 800SXR LTD Dome 28cc .50” Drop @ 82mm
KA8226D50 - 800SXR LTD Dome 26cc .50” Drop @ 82mm
KA8224D50 - 800SXR LTD Dome 24cc .50” Drop @ 82mm
KA8222D50 - 800SXR LTD Dome 22cc .50” Drop @ 82mm
7040F - 800SXR .060” Base Gasket