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90° Water Bypass Fitting - 3/8" Hose

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90-degree water bypass fittings increase engine performance by diverting water from the cylinder head to the bypass fitting, rather than forcing all of the water thru the exhaust system, thus drying out the exhaust. These machined bypass fittings are angled at 90 degrees and fit a 3/8" Hose. Fits a 3/8" inner diameter waterline and requires a 1/2" mounting hole drilled thru the hull. If you are unsure if this is the correct size, then measure the inner diameter of the waterline!

Does NOT fit 4-stroke PWC or full-size Yamaha boats like the AR series.

Red  - WB37590-R
Silver - WB37590-C
Blue  - WB37590-BL
Black - WB37590-BK
Green  - WB37590-GR
Orange  - WB37590-OR

Jetski Waverunner 90° 3/8" Water Bypass Pisser

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