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Wossner Individual Forged Piston Kits

Wossner Pistons, Germany’s finest aftermarket forged piston and rod manufacturer, now brings German quality to America. With over 25 years of custom piston and rod manufacturing, Wossner Pistons is deeply committed to bringing to market only the best and most accurately machined forged pistons and rods available. Wossner Pistons commitment to quality stems from designing racing components for top European racing teams in all types of venues to supplying the weekend racer a hop-up high compression piston, or a big bore piston to take advantage of today’s high revving high horsepower engines in both automotive and motorcycle applications. With unsurpassed quality and a commitment, Wossner Pistons will always listen to the customer as this assures you will always receive the high quality forged CNC machined components you would expect from today’s top European piston and rod manufacturer. Wossner Pistons believes in continued research and development so that the end user is guaranteed to receive the highest quality machined forged piston. Wossner Pistons is a complete company that manufactures 2-stroke and 4-stroke PWC (personal watercraft), motorcycle, automotive, snowmobile forged pistons in various bore sizes and compression ratios. Wossner Pistons designs and manufactures all of our forgings in house.

Wossner Piston Features:
Wossner Pistons are Moly Teflon (Soft Coating) coated to allow for a tighter clearance when building an engine and making the break-in process easier. The coating is a “Soft” coating and when the pistons are removed from an engine the coating will show any wear patterns that have been created during the engine life. Wossner Pistons are forged and then in most cases completely CNC machined both externally and internally to create the highest quality piston. They are often the lightest piston available from any piston company. With the pistons being lighter this will reduce wrist bearing and wrist pin fatigue and wear. The lighter weight will also allow a engine builder to bore the cylinder to a tighter clearance thus creating more horsepower.

Individual piston kits include one piston, rings, clips & wrist pin.


Kawasaki Jet Ski Wossner Piston Kits Yamaha Wossner Piston Kits Sea Doo Wossner Individual Piston Kit
Kawasaki Individual Piston Kits Yamaha Individual Piston Kits Sea Doo Individual Piston Kits