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Hydro Turf Seat Cover Installation

Upholstery Installation
Please read through instructions before starting.

We recommend that someone experienced with upholstery install this cover using ¼ inch long stainless steel staples and an air powered staple gun. Galvanized staples can be used as a second choice, but may rust.

You must remove the old seat cover prior to installation of the new seat cover.

If a chunk of foam is torn out, you can use contact cement to glue a new piece in place. Sand it flush to match existing foam.

If possible, the new cover should be warmed in the sun to increase flexibility and ease of installation. A blow dryer can also be used (be careful not to get material too hot). Sharp corners should be rounded with a file, and/or taped over with duct tape, to prevent cutting of the cover.

Align the cover to the seat/sides/chinpad contours and put 1 “anchor” staple at the back of each contour alignment point (corners and curves). Once the kit is correctly aligned and anchored, continue to tighten and staple kit securely to the under side of the seat. Cut away excess material bunching at corners. Extra staples can also flatten out bunching. Finally, trim away any excess material.

* If your seat has a strap, follow these steps:

Remove the strap via its screws or rivets (remove rivets by drilling off rivet head and pushing remainder through old seat). Save any mounting hardware for re-installation.


a) Cover the strap with the vinyl strip enclosed in your kit. It should be sewn on using a heavy-duty sewing machine and synthetic thread.
b) Install the original strap “as is”.
c) Do not re-install the strap.

** On some 650SX/750SX kits, a dash cover piece may be included. Applying some contact cement to this piece may allow you to get a better-contoured fit.