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OEM Equivalent & Performance Sea Doo WaveRunner, Jet Ski Motor Mounts

Atlantic Jet Sports carries a complete line of Sea Doo OEM Equivalent Motor Mounts as well as performance motor mounts from such respected companies as Monkey Grip and Rhaas Products.

Monkey Grip offers a complete line of motor mounts designed specifically for heavy duty watercraft applications. Monkey Grip Motor Mounts are designed to be stronger than OEM mounts, yet able to dampen and isolate vibration far better than performance mounts currently available. This combination of durability and performance make Monkey Grip the right choice. Monkey Grip Motor Mounts are available for all popular watercraft.

Rhaas Products motor mounts are made from 6061 anodized aluminum for corrosion protection and a long life. The urethane is co-molded into the base and the threaded insert to provide a one piece mechanical lock on all components. Rhaas Products mounts do not rely on glue to hold things together, the mount is molded at the same time with the billet threaded insert and the billet aluminum base. These are made to the highest standards in the Rhaas manufacturing facility right here in the USA. There is 4 years of R&D that went into making these mounts.