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ADA Racing Billet Head Girdle Hardware Kits


ADA Racing Billet Head Girdle Hardware Kits.

YA701G6 - Yamaha 701/760
6 stud girdle kit for Yamaha 701/760 and Yamaha 1100/1200 ADA billet heads. Includes 6 stainless studs, 6 stainless washers, and 6 chrome acorn nuts. The only true girdle system. It does not bolt the cylinder to the cases but sandwiches the cylinder between the head and the cases. Therefore, there is no pressure on the base of the cylinder.

 KA800G - Kawasaki 750/800
Girdle kit for Kawasaki 750/800 girdle head(original version). Includes all hardware and brackets. No cylinder mods are required for the girdle kit, just bolt it on!

KA800G2 - Kawasaki 650/750/800 V2
Girdle kit for our new V2 Kawasaki 650/750/800 girdled head. This kit uses offset base nuts and requires grinding the outside of the cylinder to clear the girdle studs.

 KA1100G - Kawasaki 1100
Girdle kit for the ADA Racing Kawasaki 1100 girdle head.