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Yamaha 701 62T Lightweight Charging Flywheel - Jetinetics

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Jetinetics is the originator of the charging aluminum flywheel, and proudly retains the manufacturing right to its patented design. The patented Jetinetics Charging Flywheel is significantly lighter, 50% in some cases, which greatly reduces the energy used to overcome flywheel mass and allow the engine to increase rpms rapidly. A significant benefit is the f act that the engine will produce horsepower only after it has reached its powerband, which usually begins about 3800 rpm. By using a Jetinetics Charging Flywheel, the engine is a le to reach its powerband much more quickly and create usable power much sooner. Further, during rapid cornering such as course racing or slalom runs, this becomes a significant factor for acceleration.

Yamaha Jetinetics flywheel weighs: 2.65 lbs.