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Mikuni Pop-Off Springs

SKU 730-03030

Atlantic Jet Sports stocks the largest inventory of high-grade Genuine Mikuni Carburetor Needle & Seat Pop-Off Springs in the world. These compression springs are used to resist force and pop open at a precise psi. The pop-off pressure is a combination of the needle valve size and spring selection and affects fuel metering from 0-40% fuel range.

Mikuni needle & seat arm springs are available in 65 gram, 80 gram, 95 gram & 115 gram sizes. The below chart is approximate values. Always check manually with a high-quality Mikuni Carburetor Pop-Off Gauge.

Atlantic Jet Sports Mikuni Spring Pop-Off Chart

Part # 730-03030 - 65gm Needle Valve Arm Spring

Part # 730-03033 - 80gm Needle Valve Arm Spring

Part # 730-03027-T - 95gm Needle Valve Arm Spring

Part # 730-03027 - 115gm Needle Valve Arm Spring

Part # 730-03034 - 95gm spring Sea Doo 46I Carb Only