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Yamaha GPR 800/1200/1300 Cover - Black


Genuine Yamaha GP800R, GP1200R and GP1300R covers are designed to help protect your watercraft‘s appearance. Each cover features superior construction and materials to help provide long life as well as a custom fit. Attractive matching colors and graphics provide a stylish accent. Genuine Yamaha covers are constructed of ultra-durable Sur Last® fabric for the ultimate protection against fading and the elements. It is also non-abrasive, water-repellent*, and UV, mildew, and rot resistant. Features include Vacu-Hold® design, which creates a vacuum inside the cover during transit to draw the cover down snugly to the WaveRunner. Benefits include reduced air-induced stress on the seams, and less aerodynamic drag. Additional features may include a handy convenience zipper for access to the fuel tank cap.

Fits The Following Models:

  • 2000 YAMAHA GP1200R COVER
  • 2001 YAMAHA GP800R COVER
  • 2001 YAMAHA GP1200R COVER
  • 2002 YAMAHA GP800R COVER
  • 2002 YAMAHA GP1200R COVER
  • 2003 YAMAHA GP800R COVER
  • 2003 YAMAHA GP1300R COVER
  • 2004 YAMAHA GP800R COVER
  • 2004 YAMAHA GP1300R COVER
  • 2005 YAMAHA GP1300R COVER
  • 2005 YAMAHA GP800R COVER
  • 2006 YAMAHA GP1300R COVER
  • 2007 YAMAHA GP1300R COVER
  • 2008 YAMAHA GP1300R COVER
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