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TDR Silencer Waterbox - Yamaha XL 700/760 '98-02

SKU 02-0017

Fits: 1998-2002 Yamaha XL700/760.

Complete Part Number:
Baffle Style: 02-0017-B
Power Spray Style: 02-0017-PS

The “Silencer” waterbox is made of all aluminum construction and marine grade corrosion resistant alloys. These waterboxes can be installed in the original position and utilize the original straps. TDR “Silencer” waterboxes deliver the most horsepower gain for your money. These high quality waterboxes are constructed with heavy duty material for longevity and dependability. All TDR waterboxes come in a brushed aluminum finish and are available in 2 different styles.

TDR Silencer Baffle Style Waterbox: The Baffle type waterbox is designed for the recreational rider who wants a power increase with a deep throaty sound. This box works well with stock and slightly modified engines. Although the baffle type waterbox is louder than the stock “OEM” waterbox, it is not offensively loud and it is the easiest to install.

TDR Silencer Power Spray Style Waterbox: The Power Spray type waterbox is designed for the recreational rider or racer who wants the maximum power increase with a deep throaty sound. This box works well with modified engines. The TDR “Power Spray” waterbox is completely hollow and has no restrictive baffles, allowing maximum exhaust flow. The “Power Spray” silences the exhaust noise by inducing a series of ultra-fine sprays of water mist. This mist of water applied in the proper places slightly quiets the exhaust noise without any restrictions or power loss. WARNING: This waterbox is extremely loud and could result in fines for excessive noise.

These waterboxes are made to order and take 1 to 2 weeks for production time. If you are unsure that you are ordering the correct waterbox please contact us as the older models are custom made and are not returnable. Installation of a TDR waterbox may require jetting and / or impeller changes due to the increase in exhaust flow and horsepower.

NOTE: Generic image and may not depict your actual waterbox. This item is not included in our "Free Shipping" offer.