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Hot Products Tau Ceti 2.25" Tornado Flame Arrestor - Red

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SKU 53-4276-RED

The Hot Products Tornado Series Filters by Tau Ceti feature a velocity cone with proprietary designed air channels to increase the airflow into the induction system. These filters are made using the same top-quality materials as the Tau Ceti Pro Series Filters. The new filter is a cone design and is .500inch taller than the current 2.25" Tau Ceti Pro Series Filter allowing for use in many engine applications. The velocity cone is clear/smoke color and the filter top features an aluminum filter top ring. The universal rubber mount will fit any personal watercraft with a stock carburetor using the appropriate adapter. No re-jetting is necessary on stock boats. Each filter includes a filter clamp for installation. Carburetor adapters and pre-filters are sold separately.

NOTE: If you do not already have them you will also need our flame arrestor adaptors to mount the flame arrestor to the carburetor. We also recommend our flame arrestor prefilters to block water ingestion. Carburetor flame arrestor adapter and pre-filters are sold separately.

INSTALLATION: Remove stock flame arrestor airbox. Install appropriate adapters (sold separately) onto stock carburetors. Slide the filter(s) onto the adapters, if snug use some soapy water (Windex) to help seat the filter. Once in place tighten the hose clamp around the arrestor flange with a spade screwdriver or 9/32 (7mm) drive socket.

CARE: Do not spray the flame arrestor with a contact and/or brake-cleaning agent. Washing and caring for your flame arrestor should be done with dishwashing detergent.