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With the many different manufacturers and models of personal watercraft available today a common assumption is that the more horsepower you have the higher pitch impeller you need. This is not necessarily the case. When engineers design a performance Jet Ski impeller there are many factors to consider to determine the overall load and rpm the watercraft will carry. The pitch of an impeller can be deceiving due to the many geometric differences in impeller designs. The goal of the engineer is to reach the absolute best overall performance and efficiency possible. Our charts suggest the ideal impeller recommendation for each specific watercraft in stock, limited, and modified form. Some of the pitch recommendations are targeted at people seeking top speed (top end) or acceleration (bottom end-midrange). To work efficiently there must be a close fit between the impeller and wear ring portion of the pump housing. Performance stainless steel waverunner impellers are manufactured to exact specifications to give you the performance you desire.

Atlantic Jet Sports offers a wide range of propulsion impeller designs from the industries finest manufactures including Solas, Skat-Trak, Impros Hooker and Riva Racing. These impellers are tested and developed for each make and model of watercraft, one craft at a time, so you can have the best possible recommendation available to you.

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