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Prok Multi-Fit Flame Arrestor

SKU 006-585

This Proven design has contributed to Five World Championship Titles and Three World Records! Stainless steel free flowing mesh element - 230.3 cfm* Large clear parabolic cone directs and strengthens air signal to intake, amplifying air volume and velocity. Ultra-light design saves fatigue and vibration on intake system. 4" Round x 2" Tall.

The rubber base of the PRÖK Multi-Fit Flame Arrestor will slide onto any conventional flame arrestor adapter (2.75"/2.8" diameter) or carburetor/throttle body. The versatility, features and benefits of the Multi-Fit revolutionized the flame arrestor industry and is the choice of top teams and riders around the world. From the quality of its non-absorbing stainless element, to the internal support and large parabolic cone, its performance is cutting edge. Weighing in at only 148g's, it is the lightest in the world but its quality and construction put it with our Quick-Fit as the strongest in the world able to hold over 300lbs of weight.

NOTE: If you do not already have them you will also need our flame arrestor adaptors to mount the flame arrestor to the carburetor. We also recommend our flame arrestor prefilters to block water ingestion.

INSTALLATION: Remove stock flame arrestor airbox. Install appropriate adapters (sold seperate) onto stock carburetors. Slide the filter(s) onto the adapters, if snug use some soapy water (Windex) to help seat the filter. Once in place tighten the hose clamp around the arrestor flange with a spade screwdriver or 9/32 (7mm) drive socket.

CARE: Do not spray the flame arrestor with a contact and/or brake-cleaning agent. Washing and caring for your flame arrestor should be done with dish washing detergent.

WARRANTY INFORMATION: Please contact Prok for missing or if you think you have the wrong flame arrestor on your PWC. If you have a failure or concern regarding the reliability of your Prok flame arrestor please contact Prok immediately at Prok stands behind all of their products. MARINE SAE J-1928 COAST GUARD APPROVED.